Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017 : The Best Way to Learn Affiliate Marketing

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Wealthy Affiliate teaches you the RIGHT WAY to learn how to make money online

What are your plans for 2016? Are looking for a way to achieve your goals in life before it's too late?

Now I know everyone’s goals are different and often the circumstances and situations that we find ourselves in prevent us from achieving them.

You need a new way to be able to realise your dreams and ambitions.

This is where affiliate marketing, and in particular, Wealthy Affiliate comes in.

Your goal may not specifically be to make money, but you need additional cash in order to be able to reach it.

For example,

Do you wish you could quit your 9-5 job and travel?

Would you like to work from home and have more time to spend with your family?

Do you worry about the future and what happens if you’re laid off?

Or are you on benefits and searching for a way to support yourself?

Now, I’m not going to make any promises:

But I am going to explain how achieving your goals is possible with Wealthy Affiliate in 2016.

And as the video said, please be aware that this isn't a get rich quick scheme. You’re going to have to put some hard work in, in order to reap the rewards. But if you follow the training, within a few months, you'll be well on your way to success. 

Ready to find out more? Then please read on. The first question that you’ll have, and everyone has is:

‘What is Wealthy Affiliate?’

and that's quickly followed by

‘Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?’

So, I’ll aim to answer those questions based on my experience of the program so far.  

I'm not sure why people would think that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam but I guess it's understandable.  There are a huge number of make money quick scams and programs advertsied online, all guaranteed to make you a fortune without you doing any real work. 

Money without effort is the dream of far too many people.​

If that’s the type of course you’re looking for then you might as well quit now. Because the only people getting rich are the ones selling those types of programs.

Want to know why?

Because, if it really was possible to sign up for a course and within 2 months be making $37,147 a week, then half the nation would be doing it and we’d be spending our days sipping pina coladas by the pool in our mansion.

The truth is that achieving real, lasting success in affiliate marketing takes time, patience and knowledge. What you need, even if you already know how to make a website, is to learn the skills that will set you up for success as an affiliate marketer.

By the way, affiliate marketing is a fancy name for a simple concept. I promote a product, you buy it after clicking a link my site, and I get commission from the seller. Nothing more complicated that. The ‘product’ that you are promoting can be anything – literally.

You're getting paid to sell other people's stuff. How cool is that?.  

In fact, the ideal way to start your first affiliate marketing website is to pick a topic that you are interested in.

If you love iguanas then make a site about iguanas. Your audience will be people who want to learn all there is about keeping a pet iguana.

You can review books and lizard cages (technically it’s ‘terrarium’ but I’d never heard of that before) from Amazon and if a visitor to your site clicks a link to discover more information, then Amazon will pay you commission. Simple.

Or, a more serious example might be if you or a family member suffer from a certain illness or disability and have spent time searching for help online then you’ll have probably thought to yourself:

Why doesn’t someone write about . . . ?

or “What’s the best cure for . . .?

or “ If only I could find information about . . .

And so, you'd make a site answering those specific questions which you have asked yourself or doctors or searched for and had trouble finding the information in the past.  You're going to make it easy for other people in a similar situation as yourself.  You'll be helping strangers who will be thankful that you have spent time to put the resource together. They need your help and they value it.

Make money by filling a need.

In fact, you’re probably already filling a need for information in the real world. The only difference is that you aren’t getting paid for it.

Remember that time you told a co-worker about the best website to look on for cheap flights to LA? They then checked out the website and a couple of weeks later booked their flight through it flight.

Or when someone asked your advice on buying coffee machine and you told them about one your sister has and how she’d got a great deal on Amazon for it? They then went on Amazon and bought it

Or how about when you’re a family member wanted your advice on whether to sign up for Netflix or Hulu Plus? They know you love your TV and so figured you’d be able to give them some pointers. You laid out some of the pros and cons of each and then they made an informed choice thanks to your input.

Recommendations online  = affiliate marketing.

The only difference is that if you’re an affiliate marketer, for each recommendation like this you make, you’ll receive commission.

You’re make money from promoting the products and services on offer that you know will help people in a similar situation to yourself. These don’t necessarily have to come from Amazon. A staggering number and variety of businesses have affiliate programs nowadays. (Even Wealthy Affiliate has its own affiliate program, but more on this later.)

Now this may sound like you have to be a born salesman in order to make money. But look back at my examples. You aren’t selling anything. You’re writing about your experiences, giving your advice and offering help and recommendations to readers.

The key isn’t to try to sell to people. Your role is help people. You’re providing the solution to a problem or the answer to a question someone has.

This probably isn’t the first site you’ve visited looking for information, but it should be the last, as I aim to cover a heck of a lot during the next 10 minutes.

Yep. 10 minutes. Because that’s the minimum time it’s going to take you to read this extensive guide to Wealthy Affiliate. Grab your beverage of choice, put your feet up and we'll begin the review.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate basically teaches you how to become an Affiliate Marketer. But it is far more than just a training course.

Tools also include keyword research tool, a WordPress website builder and free hosting for your websites. You’ll learn by doing and putting what you’ve learned in training into practice on your own website.

Wealthy Affiliate was started a decade ago, in 2005, by two young Canadian guys, Kyle & Carson, who’s names you’ll see mentioned a lot in connection with the site. That’s because they’re upfront and center.

They are very hands on and don’t lurk in the shadows. Any member can contact them direct and receive a personal reply. I can’t think of any other similar training program that gives you that level of unlimited access to the founders.

And the best part:

Perhaps its greatest asset, as with any organization, is the people. Your fellow members.

There’s a huge online community who are interacting with each other and providing guidance, advice, training and support to fellow members. These people come from all walks of life, numerous countries around the world, and range from college students, to single moms, to business people to retirees.

They have different backgrounds and different levels of experience in online marketing. Some are very successful, some are just starting out on their journey and many have learnt the basics and are now beginning to see the fruits of their.

It’s a very safe, nurturing environment for anyone new to online marketing or building websites.

If you’ve been doing research for a whole and have seen how someone who asks a beginner’s question can get treated on money making forums such as Warrior Forum, then you’ll know how rare getting a useful answer to a simple question is. You have to have a thick skin and to be ‘one of the boys’ in order to actually enjoy posting there.

Now, here's the best part:

It’s a totally different environment at Wealthy Affiliate.

There’s no cyberbullying or sarcasm.

What there is, are a lot of members who are happy to pay it forward.

It’s not simply access to an online training course. You’re going to get free tips, training and advice from fellow members with years of experience in online marketing. At one time, they were in your shoes and WA members tend not to forget where they came from.

Most are happy to provide you with information they’ve learned & benefited from both inside and outside Wealthy Affiliate. You get to learn from other people’s experiences and mistakes . . . and also their successes. If you need an opinion or advice it’s just a few clicks away.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Talking of successes. Here’s just one of many success posts you’ll find on Wealthy Affiliate. This is from a member who just made her first $194.

There are many similar posts but in this she talks about how it was persistence and applying what she hand learnt that got her first sale, then the next, and the next . . .

You’ll also notice that well over 400 people have commented on her post to offer their congratulations and support. There’s no negativity or jealousy.

Click here to read the post and comments on the Wealthy Affiliate website.​

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t one of those sites where you have to continually pay for ‘upsells’ - where the owners try to milk you for more cash the more progress you make in your training.

Free Starter Membership 

No strings. No credit card. No obligation. Why not check it out?

YES . . . it really is FREE to join Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are worried that it might be a scam then just sign up for free and spend a week checking out what’s on offer.  You can't get more risk free than that.

Of course, you won’t get access to all areas of the site, but you’ll be able to interact with other members, old and new, ask any questions you may have, try out some of the training and basically decide for yourself if you think it is what it says it is.

Kyle & Carson have created community based learning to provide wannabe online marketing entrepreneurs with not just information on how to do something, but also why to do it and when you should do it. As the training progresses you’ll begin to see the big picture and understand why the training is structured the way it is.

The community aspect is also something that I really love and something other programs fail to provide. If you have difficulty with anything in the process, many members will able to help you instantly in the Live Chat but what I love most is that people share their ideas and experiences.

There are many other online forums and programs that talk about making money online but whenever you ask a simple question many users will reply with: “Dude, this stupid question has been asked many times before – just google it!” – You will not get this kind of reply on WA.

Wealthy Affiliate is a learning center so there are no stupid questions. Every question is important and people will try to answer it as well as they can. However if you do not feel comfortable asking a question (don’t be shy, just ask!) you could simply look through the resources and questions other people asked – I can almost guarantee you will find your answer within minutes.

Let’s pause the Wealthy Affiliate lovefest for a moment.

So far I’ve focused on what it can offer someone who's new to the world of creating online content rather than just reading it.

If you’re coming to this as someone who isn’t a ‘noob’, who’s made websites before and who considers themselves pretty internet savvy then the obvious question is

Is it worth signing up for?

The answer, for most people, is going to be “Yes”. ( Here we go again – the lovefest continues . . . )

Give me a chance to explain . . . . I’ll use my own situation as an example.

Hi there

My Story

I’m a 47 year old guy. I made my first website back in 1999 – the days of Microsoft Frontpage; 56KB dial up connections and a dozen animated gifs on every homepage. It’s still online today – although it now uses a custom CMS and looks a tad more modern.

In fact, a friend runs it and I receive a very nice income from it every month, $1,000 – 2,000 on average, even though I haven’t worked on it for a decade. Oh, and there’s also one banner ad on the site which has bought me in $300 / month for the last 15 years. It’s basically paid for my last two cars.

Having said that it didn’t make a penny for the first couple of years or so. It definitely wasn’t an overnight success. It was a labor of love more than anything else. My income at that time was coming from working as an English teacher in Bangkok, Thailand. (I’d ended up in Thailand after running out of money when attempting to cycle around the world. That’s another story for another time.)

My second site began in 2003. I still run that. There’s over 1,000 pages of information on it. It dominates searches in its niche. I don’t have any paid ads on the site, yet the total income from it averages $3,000 per month. The downside is that it takes a lot of my time.

Another site, started in 2005, also brings in an average of $1,000 per month, but that has its ups and downs as it’s related to real estate.

No, I’m not going to post earnings reports to prove any of that. This is for two reasons:

  1. They’re easily faked - a 12 year old with Photoshop can do it in 5 minutes.
  2. I’d prefer the taxman not to know. 🙂

I enjoy a quiet life on an island in Thailand, I don’t have an extravagant lifestyle, but I do like to take walking holidays in Switzerland & splashout on a few days snorkelling in The Maldives from time to time.

So why the heck did I join WA?

On the face of it I’ve got a good life. At one time I had a job where I wore a shirt and tie to work and got stuck in rush hour traffic. But right now, I’m typing this in my shorts and t-shirt, it’s 90F ( 30C ) outside and I’m going to take my two Golden Retrievers to the beach later. I know I’m pretty good at making sites people will enjoy reading. I also know I have the patience to stick it out and be persistent.

But, it’s tiring.

Sure it’s cool being your own boss and having a tropical beach at the back of your house but even when I’m on holiday I spend minimum 2 or 3 hours a day answering emails. And I don’t want to spend another decade building up another site.

And it would be soooo good to have a holiday where I could switch my phone or laptop off for just a week and not worry about it.

So, I was looking for a way to make a ‘passive income’. This means spending time setting up a site but then, once it’s up and running, having it make money without me having to constantly deal with buyers, sellers etc etc

I’d read about people making money through affiliate sites selling Clickbank or Amazon products and always wondered how to do it. How do they get people to buy something from them? I thought “Hey, I’ve made websites before. So it can’t be too hard.”

And guess what. I tried.

And I failed.

I had an 18 month period where, during quieter months I’d come up with an idea, bang out a website, add some Adsense and Amazon links and hope for the best. Why? Because that’s how it’s done, isn’t it?

Well, that’s what I thought.

It eventually dawned on me that I needed to know the best way to do it. I needed a path to follow and what a business would call a ‘roadmap’ or list of ‘best practices’ to follow. My random approach obviously wasn’t working.

I looked around online and, as you’ve probably also discovered, found that as soon as you start typing the words ‘internet marketing’ or ‘affiliate marketing’ into Google, you’re met with all manner of implausible schemes designed to appeal to your inner greed.

At first they do look appealing, especially when you see lots of testimonials from people - just like me - who have apparently made a fortune using them.

I was being ground down and disillusioned by all the bullsh*t.

So I went back to trying to teach myself.

It was whilst I was searching for a keyword research tool, an alternative to Longtail Pro, that I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate’s similar tool – called ‘Jaaxy’ . This in turn led me to their main site.

After checking out a few reviews, I signed up for free and within a few days decided to go for the Premium Membership. I liked what I had read and believed Wealthy Affiliate could offer me a lot.

I was now inside the mysterious world of Wealthy Affiliate. This actually wasn’t that mysterious at all. I wasn’t bombarded by spam, upsells or promises of riches. None of that. Just told where to start and how to go about introducing myself and getting to know the community.

I completed the basic training quickly, I knew a lot of that stuff already, but there were still areas which I definitely benefited and learned from. The two things that impressed me most were:

First,the ability to create your own network.

This is similar to having Facebook friends, only instead of sharing pictures of cats, you’re sharing your thoughts and ideas on the course and making money online. The ease that this networking allowed you to have get access and ask questions to far more experienced members was great.

You’ll have seen internet ‘gurus’ offering expensive mentoring courses. Here you can chat with people who are making thousands of dollars a month or have 10 – 15 years’ experience in this business. For free.

For example, if you’ve got an idea for a niche site and but don’t know which angle to approach it from. Throw the idea out there in a blog post and ‘Hey Presto!’ . . . instant crowdsourcing of ideas. Follow the general information up with a few PMs (Private Messages) to dig deeper into the minds of some of the long term members.

Secondly, the way the training was structured. It was very methodical.

Years ago, I taught myself how to use WordPress, which now powers 20% of the world’s websites. It is possible to learn this way. But a far better way is to be able to follow structured training which includes video walkthroughs coupled with explanatory notes.

Add to this the ability to pose questions and answer comments from fellow members. And then to be able to apply all this to your own live website, and you can see why this is beneficial.

But for me personally, it was the more advanced Seven Level Affiliate Bootcamp training that gave me the confidence and ability to build an affiliate site the correct way.

This training doesn’t come with any guarantees that it will make you rich. You’ll learn the right, ‘white hat’ way to get started and will be armed with enough knowledge to build a site that will not only rank in Google but will also make money. You’ll learn to lay the foundations of what could become a very successful career.

“Remember . . . Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks daily”

That’s a quote I’ve stolen from a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member. He uses it to sign off on all his their blog posts in WA. I don’t usually remember these motivational type quotes, but I think this one sums up the training very succinctly.

So where does that leave me now?

Well, I’ve taken the knowledge gained from the Affiliate bootcamp and applied it when building a couple of sites. These are now beginning to bear fruit. Both are Amazon affiliate sites. Simply because they’re a good way to start out. They have only been online a few months but visitor numbers are picking up, the sales are starting to come and the future’s looking good. So far this month visits and sales are up around 30% on last month.

I wanted to see the results of the training for myself before I decided to build a site promoting Wealthy Affiliate to others.

So, right now, I’m experienced in the online world but still relatively new to affiliate marketing. I’m not rushing into anything, just gradually improving my skillset, asking questions and soaking up information.

So far you’ve discovered that Wealthy Affiliate is a training course and online marketing community that attracts all types of people. Pretty much the only thing many have in common is wanting to learn and succeed as an affiliate marketer.

So how do they go about this? If you’ve read this far then you’re probably now wondering exactly what you will learn inside Wealthy Affiliate. What topics are covered. What guidance are you given. Is there a secret handshake you have to learn in order to recognize a fellow member in the real world? ( Sadly not )

But first, this is how much it’s going to cost you to join?


(or to put it another way, Zip, Zilch, Nada, Nothing. )

Yep, the Starter Membership is Free. And you aren’t required to give your credit card details.

There is, of course, a Premium Membership. And this $47 month or $359 yearly.

If you upgrade to the Premium membership within 7 days of signing up, your first month of access will only be $19.00. So for under $20 you have 3-4 weeks to spend checking out ALL the features and then you can simply cancel if it isn’t for you. If that seems like a good deal, then it’s because it is.

Join a community of over 200,000 members

Sign up for Free membership & Training

Wealthy Affiliate membership

What does the Free Starter Membership provide?

Without spending a cent , you can meet some like-minded members and ask about their experiences; follow the basic training; create two live websites which will be hosted free of charge; have access to three of the 13 Classrooms and over 500 short training courses created by Wealthy Affiliate members and basically just see how it goes.

Need help? Then when you join you’ll support from thousands of fellow members and also Kyle & Carson.

Need ideas about keywords to use on a new site? Then you can get 30 free keyword searches using Wealthy Affiliates own research tool.

You don’t know how to set up a website? No worries. They make it easy. It’ll take you, literally, a minute to set up and install your first ever WordPress website . No technical or IT skills are required.

That’s more than enough to get you started. In fact, you could just permanently remain a Free member and spend your time reading through the free training fellow members have put together and you’d pick up a lot of knowledge.

However, it wouldn’t be structured.

You’d be bouncing around from learning about one thing to another. You would gain knowledge. But you wouldn’t know how to apply that knowledge in a step by step manner that would give you the best chance of success.

What does the Premium Membership include?

You’re not just going to learn simply how to build a website from scratch and then be told to make money.  There is a clearly defined, structured training course to follow.  

You’ll also:

  • Learn how to find a niche that suits you

The first question that everyone has is “What should I make a site about?” And the simple answer is “Something that you have an interest in.” At this point you shouldn’t be thinking about making money. Your aim is to find a topic ( a ‘niche’ ) that you know you can write about.

There are websites on every topic you can imagine, some are simply made for fun but many of them are making money for the owner. Why not use knowledge of your hobby or interest as a way to make money online?

  • Discover how to find the keywords for this niche that will get you sales

Once you have started writing about your chosen topic then you need to think about which keywords you want to try to rank the site for. Keywords are basically the words that you type into Google when you are looking for information e.g.

‘best electric drill for under $200’

‘cheap hotels in Miami’

‘holistic cures for hairloss in cats’

You will learn how to use Wealthy Affiliates keyword research tool to find these types of keywords for your niche. These are phrases that people are searching for, but which don’t have a lot of competition.

  • Be taught how to write content for your new site

It’s good to get into the habit of writing blog posts daily or at least 3 times per week. But once you have got this habit then it’s time to look at the best ways of writing different types of post.

For example, if you are writing a review of a product, how should you structure the review? How long should it be? What type of information should it include?

  • Be shown where to get all those pictures and images – for free – that people use.

No, you can’t just take them off a Google search or rip them off another website. I know people do, but you can end up in trouble doing that.

You’ll learn the best sites to find images and the best ways to create your own graphics easily - even if you don’t have any design skills.

  • Get to utilize the amazing support from fellow members and the owners in the 24 hour a day Live Chat

Wealthy Affiliate has members all around the world. When you’re working on the site the Live Chat is always active in your sidebar. If you need any help or have a quick question just post a quick message. You’ll get replies almost instantly. But don’t forget to payback the favour and offer your help to others.

You’ll also see chit-chat on random topics but most is related to the world of websites and marketing. Getting to know other members is a great way to network and build contacts.

  • Have the option to host up to 25 sites with your own domain name for free on Wealthy Affiliates servers. There’s no need to pay for additional webhosting elsewhere.

Actually, you can host unlimited sites. But if you want to use your own domain names then there’s a limit of 25 - and that is more than enough. ( I have 12 or 13 active websites and that's probably too many.)

You will have to invest in your own domain names. A domain name costs around US$10 to register it for a year.

  • Have access to all of the Classrooms.

The Classrooms are basically thirteen forums where you can ask (and answer) questions on specific areas of website building and online marketing. These cover everything from Getting Started, to Keyword Research, to Search Engine Optimization, Local Marketing, Video Marketing etc

The largest of these forums has over 10,000 questions and over 320,000 comments all from Wealthy Affiliate members.

  • Have the opportunity to join weekly live ‘webinar’ training sessions.

I think it’s worth highlighting the webinars for a moment. A webinar is basically a live, web based seminar or training session where you can communicate with the trainer whilst they are conducting the session.

These cover a wide range of topics not included in the main course. They provide supplementary and more advanced training designed to improve a different aspect of your online business and essentially help you earn more. They are, of course, recorded and available for playback any time.

Tips to Improve Google Rankings

See for yourself. Here’s a recent webinar on 'Tips to Improve your Google Ranking'. You’re welcome to watch the entire 90 minute broadcast.

But for now I suggest you bookmark the link and watch it when you have free time.

Even if you decide not to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate , then you’ve got a very valuable insight on how to get your site ranking on Google.

Now imagine you have unlimited access to around 500 of these videos, plus four new ones being added each month. That’s a lot of very valuable knowledge that’s being included in your membership.​

The drawback is finding the time to absorb it all and not rushing to run before you can walk. I wouldn’t advise leaping into random videos when you are taking the course.

Use them as an additional resource to help in case your knowledge on topics that you are working ion that particular week. Staying focused can be difficult when you have access to so much great information and training.​

​If you’ve made it this far, congratulations. You're obviously serious about learning how to make money online through affiliate marketing. And, after reading all of this, you’re sure to have some questions.

I know I did when I was checking out the reviews and researching whether Wealthy Affiliate was legit or not.

But before we get to the FAQs, I've given you a lot of information, so I just want to recap the differences between the Starter and Premium memberships.


For Newbies to Get Started Fast

  • Live Support ( First 7 days)
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Two Websites
  • Beginner Training Course
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Course (Phase 1)
  • Video Walkthroughs
  • Keyword Research Tool - 30 Searches 
  • 2 Training Classrooms
  • Affiliate Program
  • Earn While You Learn
  • 1-on-1 Coaching for first 7 days

$ 0 - FREE

No credit card required.


For Those Who are Ready for Success

  • Unlimited Live Support
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Unlimited Private Messaging
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Website Security Package
  • Website Backup
  • Beginner Training Course
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training - All Phases
  • Live video Classes
  • Video Walkthroughs
  • Keyword Research Tool - Unlimited Searches
  • 12 Training Classrooms
  • Affiliate program - 2x Higher Payout
  • Earn While You Learn
  • 1-on-1 Coaching  - Unlimited

$47 / month or $359 / year


Can I be a Free member forever?

Yes. But you’ll find it hard to progress and learn more than just the basics if you do. Achieving your goals involves methodically progressing towards them. Not standing still.

Are there any risks involved?

If you pay $0 to sign up. Then you take a look and decide that it isn’t for you, where’s the risk? Sure you have spent an hour or two of your life on something that you decide isn’t for you. But it hasn’t cost you a penny.

What are the benefits?

Well, if you put in the effort, follow the training, take the time to learn from fellow members then you will reap the rewards.

You get out what you put in

What if it doesn’t work and I don’t succeed?

People from all walks of life have succeeded by using the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate. The vast majority started out with little or no knowledge of affiliate marketing. If they can do it, why can’t you? The main reason people don’t succeed is that they lack drive. They want change in their lives but don’t want to make the effort required to achieve it. Meet fellow members online, help each other. Share ideas. Share your failures and your successes. You don’t have to do this alone. There’s far more chance of success if you network with other members.

What are the upsells?

The free membership is just that . . . FREE. You don’t even have to give your credit card details.

How much does Premium Membership cost?

The Premium Membership is $47 / month or $359 / year. This includes everything – by which I mean everything - all the training, Classroom access, site hosting, etc that I mentioned earlier. There are no ‘upsells’.

But one thing you will need to pay for is a domain name for your website. Wealthy Affiliate provides free hosting, but you’ll need to pay a domain name registrar – for example Namecheap.com or GoDaddy.com - around US$10 / year to register your own domain name.

So, you’re looking at around $1 a day for training that has the potential to provide you with a new source of income that will help you achieve your goals.

Is that really too much? Have a couple less Starbuck's coffees a week and you've easily got it covered.

Is there a money back guarantee?

A guarantee of what? You are responsible for your own success or failure. This is why you should check out the Free Membership and then decide for yourself if you think the training is going to be beneficial. See what’s on offer and chat to fellow members who have recently joined or been there years.

Then it comes down to a simple choice. “Yes, let’s do this.”. Or “No, this is too much work for me.”

If the training is so good, why have some people been members for years?

There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, although they are now very successful affiliate marketers, they probably started out at Wealthy Affiliate and were once in your shoes.

Fellow members helped them and they realise the huge part being a member paid in their success. So they are happy to pay back the goodwill and not only help new members but also share tips and advice on new strategies with more experienced members.

Another reason is for the networking. It’s like growing up together. You start and over time make friends, go off and make your own websites, become successful and keep in touch with the people who were there beside you during the journey.

Be honest. Are there any downsides?

The main one I found was information overload. Not because the training isn’t structured. It is easy to follow, no doubt about that. But I’m inquisitive. I like to go off on tangents – as you may have noticed from this rambling review.

One minute I was following the training. The next joining in a chat. Then suddenly thinking about ways to improve SEO so going off and watching a video on that. The catching up on new blog posts by fellow members. Sometimes these are good sources of new information. Sometimes they are insights into people’s real world lives - some rather boring but other’s very interesting.

My advice would be to give yourself a limit to the time spent chatting, reading blogs or watching random videos etc and try to stick to it.

So staying focused can be hard for someone like myself.

Do I need a product to sell?

Definitely not. The training will teach you how to find the right product for the type of website you want to build. There are affiliate programs for pretty much everything you find sold online.

Is Wealthy Affiliate available worldwide?

Pretty much, however the Free membership isn’t available in India, Nigeria, Philippines and Pakistan.

I’m not 100% sure of the reason but I’d put this down to past problems with spammers and scammers signing up and trying to take advantage of the free membership to con fellow members. I know it’s unfair to hold entire nations responsible for the actions of some idiots but I don’t make the rules.

Is the website mobile friendly?

I do a lot of work on my phone when I travel and it is possible to use the WA site on a phone, but it can be a bit of a hassle at times. Ideally use a tablet or better still a PC or laptop.  That will make it much easier for you.

The problem is that there is so much content on the site that deciding what to leave out, in order to simplify the site for mobile users, would always lead to arguments. The membership is so large and diverse that there isn’t a solution that would suit everyone.

What are the rules & regulations?

It is a tightly moderated site and there are quite a few rules about what you can and cannot post or do. This is to avoid spam and scams.

For example, members aren’t allowed to promote products to fellow members. And anyone found cyberbullying will be dealt with quickly. But if you are sensible then you won’t have any problems.

I had a post of mine removed once. This was because I had linked to a site that I had found which I thought other members would find useful. I wasn’t including any affiliate link but it was to a free offer on a pay site. So, technically against the rules.

I messaged Kyle (one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate) and he replied the same day to explain and justify the decision. Fair enough. I’m not going to argue with the site owner but he could have just ignored my message. Instead I got a substantial reply, which was more than I expected..

I don’t know how to build a website. Will that be a problem?

No. You’ll learn. And I guarantee that it will be far simpler than you imagine it will be.

In fact, when some members learn how to do it they then go and make sites for their company, their friend’s small business, local community association etc as they have the skills to do it and can do it far cheaper than an established web design company can. Not everyone needs, or wants to spend $2,000 website when you can get a basic online presence for, say, $200.

What happens to my website if I leave Wealthy Affiliate?

Relax. You won’t lose your site. It’s important to stress that it is your site. Wealthy Affiliate do not own it.

Your site is hosted free on the WA servers. But if you decide to leave the community then you still have 30 days in which to find a new host and transfer the site. Your site won’t go offline.

Can I make money by promoting Wealthy Affiliate?

Yes, if you want to. You’ll be taught how the skills you need to become an affiliate marketer. But of course you need a product to promote.

As I’ve already mentioned the best way to do this is to build your first site based around one of your interests. And this is how virtually all members will start out.

However, then once they have seen how effective the training is and understand the benefits, they build another site to promote Wealthy Affiliate. And why not? You already know the product. You’ve seen that it is legit and most definitely not a scam. You’ve seen many examples of how people can benefit from it and you, yourself, know that it works.


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